About Us

Hey Y'all! I'm Lexi B. Welcome to Godly n' Ghetto. Where we love God out loud in our own fun way!

If its one thing I don't understand is the way the Super Saved (read: obnoxiously religious) weaponizes God & His word to belittle others who do things differently all while trying to call it "the Christian thing to do".

See, they believe if you don't look, dress, or act a certain way then somehow that makes you unworthy of God's love & because of this many of us have ran away from the church and distanced ourselves from Him. The things man deems necessary to follow God aren't at all necessary to Him. Why? Well because He already sees you as perfect.

Godly n' Ghetto is a faith-based community and tee line that embraces you just the way you are, the perfect way God made you. God makes no mistakes and that includes you, His perfectly unique creation. 


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