How To Start A Business God's Way

Let me be the first to tell you, starting a business isn’t easy. Starting a business in God’s name even harder. Social media entrepreneurs make it look easy because, well that’s what social media is all about, posting the highlight reels. No one is going to tell you the struggles, especially the added challenge of making God the CEO of our businesses. I started Godly n’ Ghetto believing that because God had given me the vision, it would be a walk in the park. That because I was being obedient and starting this business in His name that everything would happen quickly & fast. Let’s just say that wasn’t the case. 


One thing is certain, if God brings you to it He will also bring you through it1 The part that no one really talks about is all the hard work it is going to require to actually “get through it”. Just like anything else, once you start to actually follow God’s plan for your life, the enemy gets upset. And when the enemy gets upset he begins to attack you more and more. The attacks will come in all shapes and sizes but it is up to us to be prepared. Here are a few steps to consider before starting your journey as a faith-based entrepreneur. 

Step One: HEAL

Broken people lead broken lives & build broken things. This statement is no less true when it comes to starting a business. Before you’re able to be successful at running a business, you have to be successful at running your life, and that all begins by doing the inner-work like:

  1. Working through your past traumas
  2.  Learning to forgive those who hurt you, even without an apology
  3. Unlearning all the things the world has taught you about yourself and learning who God has destined you to be.

I’m not saying it’s going to be easy. In fact, healing --and I mean really healing, has been one of the hardest things I’ve done. It’s uncomfortable to rehash all of the things that have hurt you, but it is necessary. Want a tip on how to speed up the process? Take the focus off your abusers and put it on YOU. The change you’re seeking all starts with you!

Step Two: PRAY

Before you start a faith-based business you have to make sure that it is God’s plan for you, He will only guide you through the things that He ordered. A lot of the time we go to God and ask us to bless the plans that we’ve already made; THAT’S BACKWARDS. It is our job as Christians to “seek ye first the kingdom of God” meaning go to God first, pray & ask God what it is that He wants you to do, then let him lead the way. 

Prayer doesn’t just stop at the beginning, you also have to pray through the entire process. See when God gives you the vision to walk in your purpose He will only give you a step at time, not the whole picture. If He did, would we really need a relationship with God? So in order to keep advancing, you have to continue to go to the source for the answers. God is our beginning, middle, and end therefore all the answers we seek, He has. Ask for those answers in prayer & you shall receive them. 

Quick tip: If you’re ever feeling stuck, focus on the last thing that God told you to do. You may not be getting the next step because you have completed the task(s) that has already been given to you. 

Step Three: PREP

After you pray, you have to prepare yourself for those prayers to be answered. This doesn't mean you sit around and wait for the blessing to come, in order for you to actually walk in your God given purpose there will have to be some changes. Rather it’s reframing your mindset, taking courses to gain knowledge or even saving money for start up funds, sacrifices will need to be made. I mean, in order to go places you've never been you have to do things you've never done, right? 

Take some time to think about the person God has called you to be? What is she doing, how does she act? How does she make decisions? Try to figure out as much as you can and do your best to show up as her each and every day. Let me let you in on a little secret, that Godly woman is already inside of you.

Step Four: WORK

I know you’re familiar with the saying faith without works is dead, this is especially true when it comes to walking in your purpose. Nothing is going to be given to you, even if it is ordered by God. He can give you all the tools you need, He can even give you the blueprint, but what good will those do if you're not going to be intentional about doing the work. Most importantly you have to never give up. 

Again, starting a faith based business & walking in your purpose is not easy. In fact it may be a tad bit harder just because of the inner-work you have to do to be prepared to live out that purpose. But, YOU CAN DO IT. On the flip side of all the hard work is peace, because you know that if God has called you to it, you are already successful!