• Faith-based Small Businesses To Shop Black Friday 2020

    BLACK FRIDAY is less than a week away! And like everything else things will look different this year. COVID-19 has been a disaster for us all. Some...
  • How To Love Yourself The Way God Loves You

    See once I got in a relationship with God He showed me how to transform that pain into something meaningful. And now I want to let you in on that same secret: the moment you fall unapologetically in love with yourself is the moment everything else falls into place, and the only way to love yourself that deeply is by mirroring the way God loves you already. Here are 3 quick steps to understanding God’s love in order to walk in your purpose. 
  • How To Start A Business God's Way

    Let me be the first to tell you, starting a business isn’t easy. Starting a business in God’s name even harder. Social media entrepreneurs make it look easy because, well that’s what social media is all about, posting the highlight reels. No one is going to tell you the struggles, especially the added challenge of making God the CEO of our businesses.